What A Beautiful Day

It was so lovely when I woke up and, being as though I didn’t have to go to work today, I decided to spend this morning on the allotment.  It is the first time this year I have spent any length of time up there.  I have seeds growing on my bedroom window sills, namely several types of chillis, black and white Aubergines, Brussels Sprouts, and sweet peas.  I also have broad beans in toilet roll ‘pots’ outside on deck.  But I have been holding off planting anything directly, as in the past I have been caught out by planting too early.

Anyway, I planted red onions and shallots in to individual pots in my unheated greenhouse.  I mulched several of the raised beds with well rotted manure and had a general tidy up in preparation for the upcoming seaon.  My greenhouse has suffered a lot of damage over winter and I am going to have to replace it at some point.  I am considering investing in a small polytunnel.  I want a decent one, not a cheap one that is only going to last a couple of seasons.  If anyone has any suggestions I would be grateful.  I figure I can extend my growing season with a polytunnel.

It is so good to be working outside again, I get a wonderful sense of peace and achievement when I have spent time at my allotment.  The weather is slowly getting warmer as we get further in to spring and the earth is beginning to wake up.  I love this time of the year and its promise of renewal 🙂

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