What is veganism?

This sums up my reasons for being vegan perfectly.

There's an Elephant in the Room blog


Veganism is an ethical stance, an all-encompassing view of the world. Veganism focuses on respect for the beings who share this planet with us, sentient individuals whose lives matter to them, who are not objects to be owned and destroyed as we see fit. They are not ours to use and enslave. To become vegan is to understand and accept this.

This acceptance has profound and far-reaching consequences: vegans stop wearing or using all substances derived from the bodies of others including their skin, feathers or fibres, we stop funding and promoting their suffering and misery through all our everyday consumer choices of toiletries, cleaning materials, entertainment and of course we stop consumption of all substances derived from nonhuman bodies – their flesh, their lactation, their eggs, everything. In short, our every choice attempts to examine whether we are causing harm to others and if we are, we take the…

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