Cook Up Sunday

As I have said before, once a week I clear out the fridge and have a cook up, generally on a Sunday. Today I went through the veggie drawers and found 6 small Aubergines, 5 courgettes, 1 patty pan, four carrots, a small swede and a parsnip. All, except the parsnip, came from the allotment. There is something about nurturing a vegetable plant from seed and watching it grow that is so magical that it would be an absolute crime to then let the fruits of your labour go to waste.

So the Aubergines, patty pan and courgettes have been roasted with homegrown garlic and will be frozen in individual portions ready to use another time.

The swede, carrots and parsnip were sweated down for 10 mins in a little water, then I added two stock cubes and some pearl barley and made some lovely chunky vegetable soup. As the evenings draw in and there is a nip in the air, heartwarming soup is just the ticket.

Finally, I had quite a lot of sour bread left, so I made a bread pudding. At this point I am going to point out that this is a proper British bread pudding – thick and stodgy and more like a cake – just right for Autumn. What the Americans call bread pudding is known as bread and butter pudding in the UK. I used Nigel Slater’s recipe here and veganize it by using Orgran’s No Egg, soy milk and Vitalite spread. (There aren’t many things these days that can’t be made a bit kinder to animals and the earth!). Absolutely delicious and will be served warm today with good old (soy) custard and cold tomorrow in the lunch boxes.

And now I am off blackberry picking. I always freeze lots of blackberries as I use them instead of blueberries in almost everything. I can’t seem to get a decent crop of blueberries, but this year there are tons of blackberries everywhere, and best of all they’re free 🙂


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