Poo Bin

Due to the really rubbish summers that we have in the UK, we found that the buckets of poo on deck were not decomposing quite as quickly as we wanted. Visitors were beginning to ask what the line of double stacked buckets along the side decks contained and their faces were a picture when told!!! So we needed a different tack. Research showed that a hot compost bin would decompose the matter very much quicker and that these were used in the Scandinavian countries which are even cooler than here but where compost toilets really have taken off. We let our neighbour Sue buy one first, just to see if they worked!! And it did, so here is our new Poo Bin. The heat is created by the decomposition process and the bin is insulated to keep the heat in. We have to be careful to get a good mix in to help with the decomposition. We put in vegetable peelings, shredded paper/cardboard, food remains, bread, toilet paper, floor sweepings etc and of course the contents of our compost toilet. The temperature has to be kept above 30 degrees; there is a thermometer on top of the bin, alongside the airflow outlet. It means that the toilet can be emptied on a regular (weekly) basis rather than wait until the bucket is full and can be emptied when visitors are expected, an empty loo is a bit more palatable to some squeamish guests! Other bonuses are that we have cut our carbon waste a bit more and that we can compost the loo paper rather than burn it AND we don’t have to spend £9.00 per bucket every time we needed a new one (we didn’t, we improvised!). Now we only need one bucket – anyone want to buy a used bucket with lid – only used in the compost toilet once!!!


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