Vegan In France

I went on a booze cruise to Calais this week. My son and his gorgeous girlfriend are getting married in 4 weeks, so we had a day out to buy the wines for the wedding. We had a lovely day, got all the wine and then decided to have a meal. Now I thought I knew from having been in France as a vegetarian that the French don’t ‘do’ vegetarians and I was really dreading whether I would find something suitable to eat, especially now I am vegan. I said I didn’t mind where we ate as I thought I was going to have a problem wherever. Anyway the others chose a fish restaurant and I went along. How pleased was I to see several vegetarian options and a vegan option.


Admittedly it was a little light on protein, but it tasted amazing and was served with a bowlful of big, fat homemade chips. I was also delighted to see that Carrefour had a huge selection of vegan food, definitely worth a visit and I will go back again soon.

Here is a picture of my daughter in law to be, doing a bit of wine tasting. Classy chick, she will fit in to our family perfectly!!!!!


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