Chick Peas and Rent-a-Granny

Life has been seriously hectic for a few weeks. I worked out my notice, but also worked all the hours under the sun to clear the decks ready for my successor. Now I am a lady of leisure until the school holidays have finished, although I will be doing some holiday club cover. I also thought about advertising myself as ‘rent-a-granny’. You know, for those days that parents need emergency child cover – sick child/child minder etc. what do you think? Would it work?

In an effort to save money, I have been soaking and cooking chick peas. I reckon I’ve saved a bundle doing it this way as they are a staple of my diet. I got seven cups from one 500g bag, which cost me £1.15 – a tin usually costs me 39p – so I worked out roughly a saving of 13p per tin (working on a tin holding a cup and a half). Not a huge amount but it mounts up when you eat as many chickpeas as I do and I know what is in them. I am also going to do this with black beans as they are expensive and you cannot always find them. The other big saving you can see in the picture is my homemade hummus – so much tastier and cheaper than the shop bought stuff. Now excuse me while I root through the freezer for some pitta bread, it would be rude not to try out the hummus before hubby gets back……


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