Buckwheat Pancakes & A Major Life Decision

I have just had a huge plateful of buckwheat pancakes using Siobhan’s recipe, which can be found here.

I didn’t have any bananas, so I threw in a handful of wild blackberries that were in the freezer from last autumn. They were absolutely delicious, seriously the best vegan pancakes I have had. They were lighter, fluffy and nutty …..yum!

I am going on a hunt today to find nutritional yeast. I have tried it before and didn’t particularly like it, but I am assured that it is an acquired taste and that when you get the taste it becomes addictive. Mmmmmm will wait and see on that one.

I am serving my notice at work. My job was made very stressful by a change in management. I have always loved my job but have dreaded going in for the last few months. I made the decision to leave a week ago and, in my aim to simplify my life, I have decided not to go for a management role again, but more of a teaching role. Amazingly, my cv seems to be working. I have had one interview and have two more lined up. A teaching agency is begging me to sign up as they say they can keep me in work. I now have a real surge of energy and have got my mojo back. I cannot believe how unwell stress has made me feel and how my sleep has been so disturbed for months. Now I sleep like a baby and wake up feel refreshed and energised. The healthy eating is helping too and I have already dropped 6lbs, bizarrely by eating more!

After a long time in darkness with the infamous black dog sitting at my side, I now feel great and absolutely ready for a new challenge.

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