First Vegan Recipe

After I posted yesterday, I was so excited to see that someone popped over to meet me almost immediately. So of course, I returned the hand of friendship by visiting Amy at Shine On Beautiful. As I said, I love looking through recipes and so it comes as no surprise that I headed straight for Amy’s recipe page. As soon as I got there, one recipe jumped out and said ‘take me, I’m yours’! Lemon Cheesecake Smoothie, how delicious does that sound. As a child I didn’t like lemon, but these days I cannot get enough. Funny how one’s tastes change as you age. Luckily, I had all the ingredients to hand so breakfast this morning was sorted.


I am delighted to report that it tasted as delicious as it sounded and will most certainly become a morning staple. There was just enough sweetness to roll gently across the tongue and the lemon livened up the taste buds for the rest of the day. Yum, click here for the recipe.

Thank you Amy for such a delicious start to my challenge of at least two new recipes a week

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